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Monday, November 17, 2008


Blake woke up this morning not feeling well and looking a bit white in the face, luckily so far that is as far as it has gone. I hope he isn't coming down with the flu bug because that is the last thing we need around here. He is still being a royal pain in the butt so I think he will be fine and we will probably go curl up on the couch with a movie. I think I will forget about the popcorn for today.

****I just checked on him wanting a picture for this post and looky here, all smiles. I guess today is going to be better than it had started ****

Last night was crazy with the really high winds we had, I missed out on all the excitement of the blowing trees and rain because I was working and when I was off it had calmed right down. When I got home I found things blown around the backyard, the basketball net was down, what a mess ;0( so I will have to find time today to get things cleaned up around the yard, thank God it's warm outside, a bit windy but yet warm and I have a feeling that we aren't going to have snow this year for Christmas, but what can you do???? This Saturday coming is our Santa Claus Parade so I will have to finish the Christmas decorating on the front of the house. The days are going by soooo fast!~

Can you believe that there is now only 39 days left until Christmas!

I am so proud of Trinity! She has been working hard fundraising for her trip to New York next summer and Saturday she sold 4 cases of bars at hubby's work and has been collecting pop bottles for recycling. My work has been great with giving me the bottles to bring home to her and she spends her time counting and sorting the bottles to take in to the recycling depot. So far she has collected over $100 in bottles in the last month. Every little bit helps! She has fund raised over $700 for her trip since October. She's off to a great start!


jenn said...

Go trinity!!!! You know if I lived closer I'd buy some chocolate! lol!

I can't believe how fast Chrsitmas is approaching. I counted weeks for a post this morning and about had a stroke. Hubby only gets 2 more paychecks before it. Thank goodness I have some money tied up in paid posts. I did have to submit a ticket this morning, because I have 2 pending payments from last week that never came through. Has that ever happened to you? I should have gotten one friday and one saturday or sunday, and I didn't get either one. They still say "0" days til payment, and have for a few days. Hopefully I will hear from them today.

Anyway......we have been COLD! I got up this morning and it was 29 degrees. Maybe we'll have snow for Christmas!?!

Have a great day, my friend!!!!

jenn said...

Oh crap...I meant to also say....

Hope the little man gets to feeling better!!!! My two pulled a "sick" day last week, with an upset tummy in the morning, and nothing ever came of it. Hopefully that is the case with your little guy.