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Saturday, November 15, 2008


It has rained her all day which means that we didn't get our outdoor Christmas lights hooked up :0( I love my Christmas lights and can't wait to turn them on but it will have to wait until tomorrow if the weather cooperates. Not much going on here, just the usual work, work and more work followed by basketball, bowling and lots of dance classes. Trinity has been busy selling chocolate bars for her trip to New York next summer and she sold 4 cases of bars this afternoon at hubby's work. Hopefully by next weekend she will have all 300 bars sold then we can take a break from fundraising for a bit. (yeah right!) So I am now home from work and will head off to bed really soon to try to get some rest. I am feeling really tired lately and all I want to do is sleep ZZZZZZZZZZZ Where is all that energy I use to have?

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jenn said...

Did you get some good sleep? Hubby let you snooze in this morning?