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Saturday, November 1, 2008



The weekend isn't over yet but so far it has been a great weekend visiting with family! Last night the kids had a great Halloween which finished off visiting a great haunted house not far from my mom and dad's house. The kids were great and all participating and touring the house, now mind you some were a bit hesitant but not my little Blake (4years old) he was totally amazed with the whole thing! He shook hands with the live skeletons, witches, goblins and even the HULK which was his favorite. Now besides the Haunted House my favorite part of Halloween was the CANDY APPLES! MMMM :0)
This morning came rather quick and quite early but Blake woke us up with excitement! Today is his birthday and my baby just turned 4 years old! We celebrated with a family birthday party with lots of fun. Visiting with family can be tiring but it's so nice to be home to visit. Tomorrow we will be heading towards home with a stop to visit with hubby's parents then will hopefully be on the road back home just after supper. It will be another four hours from their house so the kids will change into their pj's then fall asleep during the drive.
I know I haven't been keeping my blog updated lately but I have been visiting! Things got sooooooo out of control this week with work and family life that I was at my breaking point and if it wasn't for having this weekend to look forward to I think I might have had a break down. The break was and still is much needed but I now realize that I have to get our family life into some kind of routine and with any luck my work will stop training me on new accounts. I am only hired on for a temp. position (for now) so why take on more work than I need to?.
Ok so enough rambling on here lol I just wanted you to know that I am around and reading and looking forward to getting things some what back to normal. Well I see that my mom is asleep on the couch so I think that is a sign that it's bed time.
I have lots of pictures and I will try to get them posted when I get home!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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jenn said...

Happy Birthday Blake!!!!!

I'm glad you are enjoying your visit. You sound like you really needed this time away. Remember to take care of yourself.

Be safe coming home.