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Monday, November 10, 2008

Moving around

It can be frustrating moving, with my husbands job we are forced to move every couple of years and that can be hard on not only the kids but us and our finances. It's hard to co-ordinate the sale of one house and buying another one so we can get moved quickly. A few years back was a disaster when we couldn't get our home sold fast enough and my husband had to back out of his move after a couple of weeks. It was very frustrating, we decided that we had to be more prepared and searched for a service that could sell house fast so the next time we have to move we have a service that will come in quickly, view our property, make a fair offer within 48 hours and look after the completion of the deal for us. The next time we have to move it will be that much easier as we will only have to worry about finding the new home and not selling our current one. That's more fun for sure.

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