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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hubby had the morning off from work so I went and got my hair cut and we spent the rest of the morning walking around Walmart. I put a few little things on layaway and picked up something for hubby for Christmas. I finally got started on the stocking stuffers , one kids at a time so I got Jay's done today and will to another one maybe tomorrow on my supper break at work. I got through my training yesterday. Pretty easy....I guess the hardest part to all the training was getting out the opening line LOL what a laugh that was. Anyway I'm not going to stress over this permanent position for now and see how things play out. I have many other things to focus on right now.
The weather here is miserable :0( it is raining and raining least it's not snow because it would be quite the storm. I can't wait to pick the kids up at school. Today is report card day. I know they are all doing well. All the kids got off to a great start to the school year and I hope that this continues. I have never seen the kids so happy!

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jenn said...

I wish our wal-mart still had layaway. They did away with it a few years ago, and boy were people pissed off. Glad you're getting some shopping done. I need to finish too. Not enough time or money, though!