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Monday, November 3, 2008


What a weekend! It was busy but lots of fun and now it's time to get things unpacked and caught up on much needed sleep. Maybe Blake will cooperate today and we will curl up in bed and watch tv (I mean sleep LOL).

It was a rough drive home last night once we hit Cape Breton, it was snowing and apparently it snowed the day before as well. We hit a lot of hail storms which made the visibility near impossible so we took our time and it was a looooong drive home. We came across a fairly bad accident not long after we hit the snow and just minutes later came across another one, by then we were a bit uncomfortable driving home in the weather. Hubby wasn't worried about his driving it's always not being sure about the other drivers. For example....see the first picture with the snow covered road? Well that little car in front of us we think panicked when an on coming transport truck with a line of cars behind it was approaching us, it put on it's signal light to pull off the side of the road so hubby slowed down as we were approaching to pass the car then all of a sudden it cut back in front of us, put on it's brakes and slide. Well that obviously caused hubby to put on his breaks (and yes it was slippery). Luckily everyone kept the vehicle in control enough to prevent an accident which a good because with a transport truck, a line of cars and the two of us it would have turned out to good. After that hubby slowed right down even more and let the car ahead of us go ahead to leave a good distance between us. Matt didn't trust their driving. Once we got closer to home the snow had ended! I was never so glad to be home :0) and have everyone safe!

I have lots of pictures of the weekend so I will be spending my time on my family blog trying to get them posted for my family. Feel free to visit!


Tammy said...

WOW SNOW!!!! I'm glad we don't have any here yet!

jenn said...

I can't believe you guys have snow already! It must feel like Christmas. I'm glad you guys made it home in one piece.

Mattyboy said...

It was a slippery drive back, would love to see a little snow now that we are home now. I have a post for you to visit EOTM