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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Selling it online

I used to save up all my unwanted stuff in my basement and eventually in the summer I would have a yard sale and sell it all off for basically nothing. I discovered Selling on eBay and now I get to turn the basement into a great new workshop for my hubby because I don't have to hang onto stuff anymore. It's so easy to sign up and use ebay and I can sell my unwanted things for what it's worth instead of giving it all away. The things I have learned as I use the ebay service are that it's important to have a good picture of the product you are trying to sell. Along with that other important things are to have a realistic price that you want for your items and do your research to know what is an appropriate price. If you price it too low, yes it will sell quickly but you are not going to maximize your profit, price it too high you will be waiting forever to sell your product. Another important tip is to give a very good discription of your product you are selling and be sure to be honest about the condition of the item. Take your time and be sure to put some thought into your ad and you will be able to sayiSold It on eBay.


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