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Monday, March 10, 2008


I spent from 10:00am until 3:00pm at the emergency clinic to have Blake's ears looked at and sure enough he has an ear infection in his left ear. Two years ago he had tubes put in his ears due to way too many infections and have never had any problems with his ears since. Today we found out that they have finally fallen out (like they were suppose to) but I wasn't happy to hear that we had to deal with an infection. Poor little guy. He was fine after we finally got Tylenol into him and he was a perfect little angel during our long wait. He played his v-smile pocket and I got hubby to drop us off the laptop to watch movies. This was perfect! My mom came along to keep us company so that Matt could take the other kids to the amusement park then she drove us to meet up with the rest of the clan so that Blake could go on some ride then we finally got a bite to eat.

After lunch/supper we stayed at the mall for awhile and Trinity got her second piercings done in her ears and the poor little thing cried but she was glad that they did both ears at the same time :0) then we went shopping with her birthday money for the Disney Dance Dance Revolution for PlayStation 2. Something for us to play with tomorrow. We then headed back to the amusement park until closing then back to my mom and dads to check out my sisters new pink electric guitar. Now guess what Jay wants?! (a new guitar, not going to happen right now)My mom just fell asleep on the couch (my couch where I love to sleep LOL) so I guess it must be time for bed!

Tomorrow should be a little quieter with the Bee movie at the theatre in the afternoon then supper at my aunts house and Trinity is going along with my sister to her dance class (no surprise there). I guess I should go find a new place to sleep to get rested for tomorrow. Nighty Night:0)


jenn said...

It sounds like you guys are all having a great time!

Both ears at the same time? I didn't know they did that. Boo wants her's pierced, but I have a feeling once they do one, she won't let them near the other one. I'm gonna have to look into where they do it that way around here!

texas_sweetie said...

hi Carrie,so is your Blake doing good now? I just hope he'll totally say bye bye to ear infection,I can imagine the pain it brings to him.

Thanks for stopping by my blog,as I always you make me smile for that.Sorry it has taken too long to visit you here because for some reason,if I open your blog it hang up on me even if i try opening your 2 other blogs,still do the same thing.

Miracle right now that it allows me to take a peek here.HAVE A NICE 1K Tuesday to you!

Petula Wright said...

Sorry to hear about the ear infection! I remember when Amber was little, we lived in Upstate NY and she had ear infections all the time. She was supposed to get tubes in her ears if she had "one more," but all of a sudden they stopped. That can be one of the most frustrating infections!

I'm glad Trin is having fun! I remember getting my second piercing when I was a teenager... no earrings now though!

Hope you were able to get some rest and that everyone is enjoying the rest of their visit.

delittleones said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your son had another ear infection. I will definitely be very worried if the same happens to my gals.

Is he getting better now?