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Friday, March 14, 2008

Fantasy Baseball

It is a sure sign of spring when baseball teams start reporting to spring training in Florida. What an exciting time for all the fantasy baseball
league players that enjoy predicting how their favorite teams will do this year. The signs of a new season can erase the disapointments of last year and everyone starts on a fresh page. To make the most of your fantasy picks you should look at Sports Prophet has developed a fantastic program which can give you the best draft assistnace tool available, using highly recognized state of the art technology to offer an unparraleled model of predicting results of sports players.
Their software has all the stats, injury information and major updates available in their database. The program takes into account many different factors and predicts strategies and player selections as teh draft progress. These stratagies also offer you the best choices statistically speaking from round to round. This software also allows you to enter in your specific fantasy leagues rules to take into consideration as it develops your plan. Another hi-light is the full in depth stats of every player and head to head comparisons also available. To help you get started right now take advantage of the $10 off special by using promo code BMC200.

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