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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Oh my God what a night we had here and let me tell you the girls were loud! They did a lot of dancing, Dance revolution, air hockey and there was lots of laughter and giggles that lasted well into the night. I put it off as long as I possibly could but come 2am they were getting louder and no sign of sleep so we turned off the movie that they weren't watching anyway, turned out the light and let them continue telling their stories. I have no idea what time they fell asleep but I didn't hear much after that and I fell asleep. This morning they all slept in until close to 9am then gathered on my bed to play Pet Shop Monopoly while I ran on the treadmill. Matt made the girls pancakes then off they went to get dressed where they ended up getting into the make up and doing there hair. 20 minutes to 12:00pm the girls started to get picked up but my day was just beginning then. I had to take Matt to work then take Trinity to her friends birthday party for 2 pm which was over at 4pm but she didn't come home until after 8pm. Oh boy she was some tired and off she went to bed.

I took advantage just after supper and layed down in bed with Blake while Kohl played the playstation and Jay played street hockey. Poor Blake was sitting on the couch earlier watching tv then all I heard was " hey mom get me a cloth here!" I look over and his nose was bleeding. So we got that under control and he wanted to lay down and cuddle so that is what we did.....and I fell asleep while he was watching a movie. Two hours later I got up and cleaned the house!
Ok so now I am tired and it's off to get some sleep....oh how I hope!

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jenn said...

What make blake's nose bleed? Kasi used to pick her's until it bled when she was little, and it drove me nuts! Thank goodness she's grown out of that.

Enjoy your sunday. Hopefully it will be a quiet day at your house.