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Monday, March 24, 2008

What a Weekend!

Finally it is over! For going to have a pretty quiet Easter weekend it turned out to be non stop busy but full of fun :o) Trinity and I both had wonderful birthdays and we all had a great Easter and we got to share this all with my little sister you came to visit us from back home.
Saturday we had my other sister (from home) and her family over for a little get together for Trinity's birthday then we headed in to see Horton Hears a Who at the movie theatre, well it was Matt the two younger boys and myself and my sister Robin, Trinity and Jay went to see College Road Trip. It was fun and the movies were great! Later that night we sat at the table for a game of Dominoes! We taught the kids a new game and we had a great time and us girls ended up losing :( oh well, maybe next time! Just before midnight it was off to bed for everyone!
Sunday morning brought the screams of excitement from Blake over 1 Easter egg that he found on my dresser. He didn't see all the other ones which bought us some time to stay in bed :) and since it was my birthday I thought it would be nice to get a couple extra minutes of sleep! Finally he spotted more eggs and the egg hunt began. It was getting close to lunch time and my sisters got on the road heading back home and we packed up and Matt and the kids took me out to Swiss Chalet for the best roasted chicken ever! Not a bit of food went to waste which is a surprise with my kids! Back home and I got us (hubby and myself) into another renovation project in Jay's room starting to make him a closet....what a mess...
So now that the weekend is is time to get things back to normal around here !
I hope you all had a great weekend :0)


Utah Mommy said...

Hahahaha we are doing the same thing. Good thing that the easter is finally over. My son had so much fun at the park too picking up the eggs he can grab lol! Thank you so much for dropping by. God bless and have a good week ahead!

jenn said...

I'm so glad you had a great weekend! I want to see horton. Was it good?

Rachel S said...

lovely blog! I enjoyed my visit a great deal!