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Friday, March 21, 2008


With this long Easter weekend it will bring many celebrations from my daughter 8th birthday on Saturday and Mine on Sunday along with Easter. Today two of my sisters travelled from back home and my younger sister who is now 16 will be staying with us for the night! So what are we going to do. Since Jay is going to his friends for the night, we are going to rent a movie and just hang out here since the malls aren't open and tomorrow my other sister and her family will be back to visit for the afternoon. So we would probably d0 a little something for Trinity then. We are planning on going to a movie with the kids but we aren't sure if we will go tomorrow night or wait until Sunday afternoon. I am looking to a quiet Easter with my family and another day off with the kids on Monday! I hope you all have a great weekend :0)


Petula Wright said...

Have a happy birthday!! Sounds like a nice weekend planned... something to do but not too busy. I hope you enjoy yourself.

jenn said...

What movie are you gonna see?

Carrie Smith said...

not sure yet...thinking about Horton hears a who or the spiderwick cronicle ok maybe not that one my sister just told me it's pretty scary for little kids. So it sounds like it will be horton hears a who! :0)