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Friday, March 14, 2008


My oldest son will be celebrating his 12th birthday in May but can't decide between wanting Guitar Hero III or the new Rock Band for the Play Station 2. Like he says with the Guitar Hero it is good for playing by himself but when he has friends over it Rock Band would probably be more fun to play so this is why he can't decide between the two. At first I was leaning towards the Rock Band then all the kids could play together but now I am leaning towards Guitar Hero but the problem there is we haven't been able to find one for the Play Station 2 since before Christmas and we might not find one in time for his birthday. Maybe Rock Band would make a better family gift for Christmas this year and Jay can still get his Guitar Hero and everyone will be happy. I HATE MAKING DECISIONS....GRRRRR!
While looking for pictures on Google I came across Guitar Hero III for the Wii which would be better...I wonder if Rock Band is coming out for the Wii also? Something to look into...


The Man said...

Rock band!

Tammy said...

I haven't seen Rock Band for the Wii yet, but it is awesome! My nephew has it and he LOVES it!