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Thursday, March 20, 2008


This is what it looked like here today right up until 5:00pm. This morning we dropped the kids off as usually and then headed into Sydney to look for a treadmill and for an appointment at the bank. It was beautiful out so we didn't rush around but hubby did have to be at work for 1:00pm. What cell phone needed charges and Matt's ran out of phone minutes but it wasn't worrying me because no one has ever called us on our phones about the kids at school....Finally my phone was charges just before 1:00pm on our way to drop hubby off at work...RING...RING....It was the kids school. They were trying to get a hold of me since 10:30am because they closed the schools because of the freezing rain and rain that were were expected to get later on today (started at 5:00pm). So 3 of my dear children were left waiting at the school until 1:30 when I got their. I felt so bad but they all had smiles on their faces and told me that they had a great time playing basketball in the gym and Trinity used the stage to practice her dances! Thank God their principal is understanding...he said it was no problem to him since he had to be their for the day anyway and the kids weren't any trouble :0) I will never leave home without having my phone charged!

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Anna said...

The school never calls me, either, but I always try to have my phone. It figures that the one time yours isn't charged, that's when they need to get ahold of you. That's what they get for letting school out early when the weather is just fine! Our school has been known to do that, too.