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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I can play..."Hot Cross Buns"
(don't laugh I'm just starting)

Now it's Jay's turn to be in the spotlight. He had his very first guitar lesson last night. This went really well and he has an instructor that he really connected with. He was so excited and learned so much in just a half hour session. He had a smile from ear to ear when he came out of class and his face just lit up. At first I wasn't sure how interested he really was in learning to play but I think he has found something he loves (along with basketball) and is a natural at it. I think learning the guitar will come easy for him. I guess he likes to perform like his sister but in a different way! keep up the hard work will definitely pay off :0)


jenn said...

I'm glad he had a good time!

Jocelyn said...

I have four big brothers and one elder sister who all played the guitar well so I grew up with guitar playing in my family. It definitely is a very good musical ability to have. I wish I did know how to play the guitar too. Goodluck to Jay! :)