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Monday, January 14, 2008


Think back and try to remember on event that happened to you that you feel was your time of fame. Was it funny, romantic, serious, accidental or adventurous? I can remember all to well back when I was between the ages of 7-10, I went sliding with my family and extended family. It was a nice winter day and everyone was enjoying their time going down then back up the hill over and over again. Then suddenly on my way back up the hill, there I was on my way back down again and faster then planned. I found myself face into some relatives on their way down the hill, there I was kicking my legs out in front of them while my face stayed stuck buried in the jacket of the person in front. I tell you this was quite the ride down and not seeing where i was going at such a fast speed was another feeling I still to this day can't explain. I survived the ride down with only a bloody nose and to this day I am the only one who remembers this event. At least now I can look back and laugh about it. If only you could have seen me sticking out in front of the sled. I don't know that this qualifies as being a time of fame but I was definitely in the spotlight for the rest of that day!

Now it's time to share your life experiences with others from around the world with YawpBox. With YawpBox you post your story with photos, videos, audio and blogs to see if your story measures up. Share your best sports story, have you ever cheated death or put your foot in your mouth? Then let's hear about it through YawpBox and you could get your 15 minutes of fame! Post your video to find out if yours will make the cut to be filmed before a live studio audience in Texas. YawkBox TV is a 30 minute weekly show that will be the first television show where the content is generated by the users of a social networking website. This is where TV just got personal! This is a very entertaining website and makes for quite a few laughs. We are all stars so lets hear what you have to say.

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