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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

***Ranting Hairstyles

Well tonight was monthly hair cut night for all the boys in the house, what a whirlwind, I started off with Blake, got him all trimmed up, he's the squirmiest. When he was done it was off to the shower with him and onto Kohl, he likes his hair spikey and short, it makes him think better at school. When he was done it was time to kick Blake out of the shower and get Kohl in. Than we moved onto Jay and finished up with Matt what a rough night. My reward I'm going to the professional hair stylist on the weekend to fix up my cut.


Tammy said...

That reminds me I told my hubby I would cut his hair tonight.

jenn said...

I cut hubby and ryan's hair. I say cut, but i really just buzz them.

I have an award for you on my journey!

Carrie Smith said...

Hey girls...thanks for the visit!

Petula Wright said...

Sounds like a nice treat to go out and get yours done after all that hard work! I need to get myself to someone professional soon or people are going to start thinking I'm homeless.