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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Now that my children are getting older the items on their Christmas list were a bit more advanced which is only a sign of the truth that they are in deed growing up. It's not just toys anymore but ipods were one of the main gifts for two of my children and yes they both got their ipods but it doesn't stop there, with these ipods comes many different accessories for them and an ipod case is a must! While I was looking into many different cases I cam across The InvisibleSHEILD which is a revolutionary ipod case that protects not just the ipod but also most cell phones, smartphones and also portable gaming consoles that I will also need to look into in the near future.

The InvisibleSHEILD can be found at sheildzone and don't worry if you can't find a case for your device because they will custom design one for you. The InvisibleSHEILD offers protection that other cases, covers or protectors can give and it is made from a unique material that was created for the military to protect the edges of helicopter blades. So whatever your device is from MP3 players, ipods, watches, laptops, digital cameras and more, protect it with The InvisibleSHEILD and you will go scratch free.


Jocelyn said...

How you've been, Carrie? Happy New Year! :)

Tammy said...

Glad to see you back! I missed ya!