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Thursday, August 7, 2008


And we're off!
The vacation begins....

Getting to our vacation destination point is always a challenge for us. When going away for 2 weeks with four children where in the heck do you put of the gear and clothes etc... that we will be needing. Well we have always managed over the years to get everything in the van (including the kids) and this year was no different but I think we will be making some changes for next summer. I hate travelling with the kids packed in the van so tight with stuff shoved under there feet and barely any room to breathe so we are looking into getting a trailer to store some of our gear. Now we would really like to get a tent trailer so that we can put the years of tenting behind us but that will all depend on how many hours I decide to work when I start hopefully in the fall. But if that doesn't work out by Spring we have a back up plan. My FIL has a small utility trailer that we can buy off him so haul our stuff and that will make a huge difference. I know one thing for sure we WILL have a trailer of some sort.

Our puppy is great when travelling. She has her own little spot between us in the front and just sits back and enjoys the ride.

This was one of the best moments while driving. Blake finally fell asleep and it was quiet. He was so excited to be going camping that he just wouldn't be quiet. LOL Unfortunately it didn't last long.


the mom said...

You guys really are packed in there, aren't you? At least the kids can't reach each other...I know in my car that leads to many fights! lol!

Crystal said...

LOL!! William sleeps like that too!!! I LOVE that puppy! Yes, i'm A LOT late in getting over here...When I would click on your profile on my blogroll it would always take me to the post about the 3 different haircuts...I just left a comment on that one too. I push the back button to take me back to your blog and all THESE posts pop up! I thought you hadn't been posting this whole time!!!