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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Bill IQ

We are wanting to plan a trip with the kids before they get too old, but to do that we need to first get our bills under control. We are looking into Debt consolidation to lower our interest rates and have 1 bill to pay each month instead of the many we have now. It's important for us to find some Debt relief as with our move and fixing up our new home it created a lot of debt. We have a wonderful home now and we love it very much but it cost us alot to get there. We began looking into Debt help a few months ago but because we had been late on a few payments it was difficult for us to find anyone that would help us with our debt problems. We had to work on getting our payments back on schedule and keeping up with the minimums for a while to get our credit rating a little bit better. We found help at Bills IQ which is a quick questionaire designed to give you a better idea of your debt smarts and gives you ideas on what you can do to improve your bill iq. I scored a C 73% on my bill IQ questionaire which is very disappointing, it taught me that it was very important for us to make sure we are making our payments on time, and to plan for the future with regular contributions. The biggest thing that got us behind and built our debt loads was the amount of Credit card debt that we had accumulated through our move. It was very expensive to travel back and forth and to finish up all our renovations in the house.

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