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Friday, August 22, 2008

Head Start on Christmas Shopping

With summer winding down and the kids back to school shopping all done my thoughts are beginning to turn to getting ready for Christmas. With 4 little children at home it is a busy time for me and my husband. Christmas morning is always very hectic in our home with the excitement in the air and the early morning risers excited to see what Santa has brought them this year. With only a few more pays before Christmas it is important for me to be always on the hunt for a sale. We generally start shopping for Christmas on Boxing Day and we pick up a few things here and there throughout the year mostly for all our neices and nephews and other family members so we can have all that out of the way by this time of year so we can focus the last few months on our own family. This year there has been some requests for video games so we will be waiting for the black friday specials where we can get the scoop on all the Post Thanksgiving ads that will be out and purchase our items on-line with out having to stand in line at the stores early in the morning, we did this one year and it rained, hard and we were soaked waiting for the store to open up. Some of our favorite ads come from best buy ad which we can usually get some of the games my oldest is looking for. Another one of our favorites online shops is at Walmart Online trying to stretch our dollars around as much as possible we tend to do a lot of our shopping here. This year with the cost of heating up so much and the kids doing more sports than last year it is going to be even more important for me to search out the deals and still try to get them what they really want for Christmas, wish me luck.


Tammy said...

I don't even want to think about Christmas right now. Way too many other bills to pay.

Eagles' Wings said...

That's good planning. I start around Oct too.