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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Military DITY move

Having relocated many times I can honestly say it is a lot of work to get moved and relocated and it can be very stress full. In the military there are many relocations and in most cases you are given an allowance for the move. There are options that can allow you to pocket extra cash in the move if you don't mind doing a little work yourself, perhaps get some of your co-workers or family to help you out. Options like dity moving "do it yourself" moving basically means you get a container "ReloCube" delivered to your location and you load it yourself, once it is loaded it gets picked up and delivered to your new location. You save the expense of renting a truck and paying for workers to load and unload your belongings. Military relocations are just part of the job when you are serving your country so you need to be prepared when they come along. There are companies available to give you the best services with a good reputation ABF U-Pack is ready to assist you on your Military Move by starting you off with a quote for your move.

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