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Monday, August 4, 2008

Picking the right Wedding Invitation

I spent the week on vacation with my family camping out on the beach, it was a fantastic week with a little rain but that was fun too because it gave everyone an excuse to sit down and catch up on our lives, plans etc. I was surprised to hear that my sister and her boyfriend of 3 years are planning on getting married next summer. I am celebrating my anniversary of seven years today actually and it made me remember back to our wedding day and all the excitement that led up to the planning of our nuptials. There are so many alternatives these days and many people are using on-line services to help them in planning their wedding. My sister and I checked out wedding invitations and found a fantastic selection of invitations that she can have customized for her special day. The assortment was great and if they could just settle on a date they could take advantage of great savings on the matching envelopes to the invitations. The one important tip I could think of to give them is to plan the day for themselves and not to try and make it easy or convenient for others. It was the one big regret of my wedding day to have not had the wedding set the way we wanted and bending to wishes of my family for the event. I am sure we will be spending many an evening on the phone over the next few months making plans for the big day.

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