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Thursday, August 7, 2008


Now you can't go camping and not have a campfire. With it being the weekend a lot of my family came camping for the weekend and what wild fun we had. Trinity and my sister Robin led the campfire with Robing playing her guitar and Trinity singing her little heart away. Man that girl has talent, not only can she dance but she can sing. Some of the songs they sang were, Tear Drops on my Guitar, Foot prints in the sand (Leona Lewis), Dixie chicks and so on. We had a great time and loved the entertainment but if that wasn't enough some of us got up and dance to the cha cha slide. I even managed to finally get my mom up and what a hoot she was. Now that she has lost some weight she will get up and have fun with the rest of us! Go mom!

I am in this picture doing the slide. Dressed all in black on the end to your left...My god we had fun! You should have seen the other campers, did they ever get a laugh out of us all weekend LOL. We are just campers who know how to have fun!

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the mom said...

That does look like fun! You have such an amazing, fun family!