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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Getting Physically fit

As you all know I have been working with a group of friends and family to help keep us all motivated in our weight loss challange. We have been doing great and by posting our results on the blog for all of us to see I think it has done a great job motivating us all to work harder to obtain our goals. I have been working on controlling diet and working hard on the treadmill but I have also looked into other supplements to, trying to find the best diet pills available took some work. I used the internet to help research different types. I found one great source that showed me all the top supplements and rated their effectiveness, ingrediant quality and benefits. The success we are achieving is great and I am very excited to say I bought my first bikini in over 10 years and actually wore it to the beach over vacation.

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Donna said...

Thanks SO much for my birthday wish!! I LOVE your blog layout! It's Really beautiful in here!! Happy night sweetie!!hughugs