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Thursday, October 2, 2008


Now as some of you already know I have just started a new job on Monday and last night I finished my 3rd class of training! What a busy few days/nights it has been. It has been a lot of the same thing being said over and over but I guess how else will we remember what needs to be done. Yesterday morning I had an early morning with hubby needing to be at work by 6:00am then not long after the kids got up for school. I did manage to have a nap with Blake in the early afternoon but it wasn't enough. As soon as I got to sleep my 12 year old son and his friend came home for lunch then hubby called saying he was on his way home for the day, so up I got. So I guess I can say I was still a bit tired going into work last night. Anyway I made it through the training class and got out 15 minutes early. So I waited for hubby who was only expecting me to be off at 11pm. Five after he's still not there to pick me up. Now by this time it was getting really cold outside and I didn't have a sweater :0( and the only way to see if he was waiting for me was to wait outside. So it got even later....I called the cell, no answer :0( hesitant to call home to wake up the kids, I finally called, no answer. Starting to get pretty pissed at this point I waited some more, then made the phone calls again, still nothing. Starting to panic wondering if something happened I call home and the cell again, nothing. Well this went on until just before Midnight I called and when the voice mail picked up I call again then finally an answer!
With a very (OMG you just woke me up voice)
I hear hubby say " heeeellllooooo!"
Me: "Where in the hell are you?"
Me: "where are you? and what are you doing?"
hubby:" Who is this ?"(very annoyed at this point)
Me:" It's me your wife, I'm at work"
I don't know what was said after that I was so pissed. Can you image....Who is this? For crying out loud, and this is only after working for 3 nights.
Oh and get this he didn't believe me when I told him I called many times looking for him. He just said that I called just the once. When we got home he had the nerve to check the history on the phone. Sure it was there just the once but on the new phone it only records the number once if it is repeated so I got the old phone which showed every single time I called and at what time. That put him in his place lol
So once I was finally home I tucked in the kids then went to bed. I was still freezing cold and nothing I did worked to keep me warm. The chill was there but I was tooo tired and mad to have a hot bath and the heating bags went missing so I couldn't even use those. I think by 5am this morning I started to feel warm again but today I am exhausted and I go to work for 11am so I don't have a chance to nap. At least tonight I can get to bed early.
I'm off to work soon so I will try my best to visit you later! Maybe on break I can check in! Surfing the net is something we can do in between calls :0)!


Tammy said...

Man I would have been severely peeved if it was me! I hope you get some rest this weekend!

Anna said...

How quickly they forget!

I would have been so mad and worried and ...

I'm thinking he probably won't do that again, at least not for a while - but you better be sure and take a jacket with you from now on.

jenn said...

I would have killed him...especially if I was outside in the cold! I'd make him there something pretty you've been wanting? Flowers? Candy? Jewelry? lol!