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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


With working a full time job I was worried about how it would effect us when it came to going home to visit with family. Well I have only been working at my new job now for 2 weeks and already put in a request last week for Oct 31, Nov1 (son's birthday) and Nov. 2nd. to be scheduled off. When I looked at my schedule last night I noticed that I was on the schedule for the Nov. 1 which meant I was on for that sunday as well. I sent off an email to my surpervisor who in return email me back telling me that he sent it through again and not to worry that I would be off on that weekend! So great news! We are going home to be with family for Halloween (which doesn't happen often) and we will be celebrating Blake's 4th Birthday!

Now lately being at work isn't going overly great, it's not the work that is the issue but the washrooms have been closed since last week and we now have porta-potties :0( Gross...the other option is to go into the mall and use the mall washroom (yes just one toilet). I go up to hubby's work when they are open. Now the mall has been nice enough to give us access to the mall washroom in the evenings when the mall is closed but it is dark and creepy. Now apparently some people from another department at work has called health and safety about this issue and we could be closed down until the issues are fixed (this would be with pay). It's not so much the washroom being the problem but there is no running water to wash our hands and all the germs we pick up going from one computer to another without access to washing our hands regularly is where we are drawing the line. Enough about work I will be there soon enough but tonight is a short night and I will have to remember to take my hand sanitizer with me!

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend even though we had no family around. Jay went glidding with Air Cadets on Saturday and had a GREAT time and I think he has finally realized what kind of fun he will be having if he continues to go. He went up in a plane (small propellor plane) for the very first time and they flew over our house, he thought that was pretty cool. I had to work yesterday at 3:30pm so we had our Thanksgiving Dinner early then I headed out the door. Hubby dropped me off then took the kids to the park, picked up popcorn then settled in with a movie night! It's great that when I am at work he puts pictures on my family blog so that I can see what is going on at home. The other night the picture was priceless. The title of his post was.....

Matt just loves spending quality, insanity time with the kids! LOL


jenn said...

OMG...That picture if hilarious! I can't stop laughing!

I would definately take hand sanitizer with you. No running water is just gross...I would be happy if they had to close down (with pay) to fix it.

I'm glad you got your time off and are able to go home for the weekend. I knw how much family time means to you.

Have fun tonight!

Mattyboy said...

Looking forward to the weekend away, that is if we can stay awake long enough to enjoy. Nothing really exciting going on here tonight I have one picture I'll post later

jenn said...

I have an award for you!

Tammy said...

ROFL!!!! LOVE IT!!! That picture is priceless!!!