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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


One thing that I have noticed with my new job is that I am having trouble seeing the computer screen. I have been working now for 3 weeks and it doesn't seem to be getting any easier seeing. Now the lighting isn't the best but by the end of the night I have been suffering from headaches. So to me the obvious thing to do now would be to make arrangements to have my eyes examined. Well I already now that I do need eyeglasses but since my oldest son was born I haven't been wearing them. I now think the time has come to look into a new pair of eyeglasses so that I can once again see things much clearer. One of the reasons I haven't bought a new pair of glasses is because of the cost, as you all now eyeglasses aren't cheap or at least that's what we think. sells stylish prescription glasses online from $8 where I found a huge selection of frames with single vision lens, bifocal lens, tinted sunglasses, sun sensor lens, tinted sunglasses lens, and progressive lens. Not only will this save me money on my eyeglasses but for my husband and daughter also. Eyeglasses are now something we can afford and can do so with style.

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