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Monday, October 6, 2008


With working evenings now on a full time basis we are really noticing the difference around the house. I am use to being here for the kids 24/7. I get them ready for school, pick them up after school, help with homework, get them off to their dancing and bowling etc... and then tucking them into bed at nights. We know I'm not here for a good majority of all this. Hubby gets them supper, does the homework, runs them around to dance and tucks them in at night. This is a huge adjustment for everyone and I am feeling guilty but we really do need the money right now. I will give my full time position a chance and if I find it's still too hard on the kids I will have to consider going on part time.

Great news, even though Halloween is a blackout day for having it off at work but since we are travelling to Moncton to be with my family for Blake's birthday they have sent off my request for the weekend off and it looks like it will be approved! Oh and then we get a call telling us that Kohl has been approved for financial help with his dance classes! It took a lot for us to fill out the application form but we really didn't have a choice unless we took him out of dancing for the year and that wasn't fair. For right now they are paying his classes until December then hopefully I will be making enough money to cover the classes in January. I was embarrassed when Matt told me he was approved and was talking to the dance school owner but she does know we have 4 kids in sports (only asked for help with 1) and she knows HOW MUCH money I pay to her every month. Moving as much as we have in the past for hubby's work has really made our budget tight but I'm sure we will get things straightened out soon! One day at a time and every needs to turn for help at some point in their lives....right?!
Ok enough about the guilt ridden rant. I have to go get ready for work.


Tammy said...

Have a good day at work Carrie! :o)

jenn said...

Oh, don't feel guilty about any of it. Everybody needs a little help sometimes, and I'm glad you were able to qualify for some. The kids love to dance...I would have hated to hear that any of them had to sit out a year.