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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The weather wasn't all that great this morning but that didn't stop the kids school from taking part in the national walk to school day! Thankfully the rain did hold off but it was a bit chilly. My kids walk to school daily so they are use to walking but it was nice for them to meet up with friends and head off to school. They had a pretty good turn out considering the weather and the school will be doing it again sometime during the winter and that one is always a cold walk but we always have the hot chocolate to look forward to.

Above in the green jacket is my daughter Trinity and below in the black jacket is my son Kohl.

Things are still really busy around here and probably always will be as long as I'm working full time but I do visit all your blogs but if I'm at work I might not have time in between calls to leave comments. I am off tomorrow night so I will try my very best to spend some time blog hopping. I miss you all. Oh boy what an adjustment! I got my pay scale finally last night and for incentive for great attendance if I make every shift I will receive an extra $1 and hour added to my pay check and that should add up quick!

So again this week I haven't lost any weight but if I don't get back on the treadmill on a regular basis I know that I will put all the weight I lost back on. At nights while at work I have been putting in time waiting for calls by snacking on candies and chips and on top of that eating a full supper at around 8:00pm which I really don't need to do. I think I might have to start getting into reading to help pass the time instead of eating. Last night I did about 11 search word puzzles and numerous Sudoku puzzles. Quite the job isn't it?! Actually it's great and I love! So hopefully for next week I will have some good results to share, even if it's just a little :0)

Have a great Tuesday!


Share my point of view... said...

Hello, I am really intrigued by your post. Firstly it's nice to see the kids walking to school, however kids over where I live do not walk to school. It's just too dangerous.

Secondly, I'm trying to lose weight too! In fact I believe I am nearly a month into it. So far no progress yet so I'm going more 'hardcore' next week.

Cheers, and hopefully we both lose weight soon!

jenn said...

We have walk to school day here, too, but it's too far for my kids to walk. It takes almost 20 minutes to drive would take all day just to walk there!lol! The kids are all smiles, though.

I am so slacking in the weight loss department. I don't know what my problem is.

carmat said...

Your busy indeed, Great to see some pictures of your walk with the kids. It looks like it's almost time to break out the gloves.