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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Look what I got from Jenn! Isn't she just the bestest blogging friend ever :0) It has been a long time since I've had a chance to show off a blog award and boy does it feel great and now I get to pass this Brillante Weblog Award on to others! Thanks Jenn!

Here is how the Brilliant Weblog Award works . . .

*The person giving the award chooses blogs that they consider brilliant in their content or design.
*In return, the recipient is expected to choose a minimum of seven blogs that they like. They leave comments on these blogs to notify the winners.
*They then post about receiving the award on their blog (like this) and list their choices with links.
*They also include a mention of whom they received the award and include a link. Pictures are great, but not necessary.

1. Petula It's a Woman's World!
2. Matt The Males Perspective!
3. Jocelyn Hip Mama Blog!
4. Misty Misty's Musings!
5.Jenn My Kids are My World! I know you gave this to me but I just couldn't leave you out!
6.Tammy A Little Girl Talk!
7. Kim And That's The Truth!

1 comment:

jenn said...

You're not supposed to give it back to me, but I know I'm just soo wonderful you couldn't help yourself...yeah, I'm full of crap! lol! You deserve it for being such a great, awesome, amazing, wonderful, bestest friend a girl can have!