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Friday, February 1, 2008


So here we are today, February 1st. Where did January go? As the days go by the closer spring will arrive. This winter for us here in Cape Breton wasn't bad at all. We got a bit of snow, which never lasts and a few really cold days with windchill but over all I say "When is winter going to hit" As I sit here and look out my window I see the grass, nothing left for snow but the banks from the snowplows, the hills for sliding are quiet so what does this mean for the ski hills. Jay has a ski trip with the church youth group on Feb 9th so hopefully with the expected snow for tonight it will help out at the hills. Now as for my father in Moncton, oh how he is tired of the snow and shoveling. He says it seems that as soon as he gets things cleaned up he's back out again. I was talking to him last night and he was cursing the snow that is forecasted for later on tonight. Sorry dad I wish I could be there to help to give you a break from the mess.
How has your winter been? Quiet, messy ,cold....

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