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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Here we are already Tuesday and it is wiegh in day! How much did I lost this week you are probably wondering? I won't know this until later on today because my digital scale isn't working. I stip on the scale and it keeps showing me error. Could I have done that bad with my diet this week that the scale won't show me my weight? No this isn't the case, I have been pretty good this weeka dn the scale is over 5 years old and is used pretty much everyday. So I will be heading out shortly to purchase a new bathroom scale. I am looking for a digital scale that is in an affordabel rpice range andone that not only show me my weight bu my body fat percentage as well. I am hoping to find the line of Escali scales which are both affordabel and fashionable.


jenn said...

I can't wait to hear how much you lost!!!

Guntar said...

I usually found myself unmotivated because I can't see my progress. I can't buy any propriatery software, so I decided to use MS Office workout journal and fitness weight loss progress tracking. But it doesn't quite work also, I wonder why :mrgreen: I guess there is no Magic Pill that will help you lose weight fast and keep it off. I think I should find an accountability buddy.