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Monday, February 11, 2008


I have a few more years left before I will have to worry about looking into getting insurance for my son to drive the car but never the less we are all looking to find cheap insurance rates to save us money. Getting your first car can be an exciting time for anyone but one thing that makes it harder for new drivers is the cost of getting car insurance. As you get older and have more experience driving your rates should drop to save you money but for student drivers it comes with higher insurance rates. You can get quick, easy and cheap car insurance with the help from They are student specialists in car insurance helping you to see how much you can save!
Cost U Less has been in the insurance business since 1980 helping people get cheap car insurance. Who isn't looking to save money anyway, we can all use a break. Cost U Less is located i Northern California and is expanding allover the state. Cost u Less also provides you with the top 10 frequently asked questions for insurance and if you are worried about getting your license you can take advantage of the practise tests to better prepare you for so that you will pass your driving exam.
It's time to save so get your free quote from geico and lets see how much you can save. With my sister turning 16 next week and looking to get her drivers license I know this will be something my parents will be looking into and I still have some time ahead of me before I will be looking for good, cheap car insurance for my son.

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