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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I was tagged by Tammy to do this Groundhog day meme. Lets just see what I can come up with here...
5 reasons I love/hate the Groundhog.
After listing 5 reasons (no rules in listing reasons),
tag 5 people plus giving credit to the tagger.

1.How can a groudnhog determine whether or not spring will arrive early? Have they really proven this..
2.Why a groundhog? I never could figure this one out. Nothing cute about them...
3. I love it when spring arrives early!
4. I hate having anextra 6 weeks of winter (be honest who doesn't)
5. I like how it give sthe kids a day to look forward to. They have fun predicting what's going to happen...will he see his shadow or not?
I guess here in Cape Breton we just watch for the ice to come in land with the current to melt. Then we know spring is on it's way...( no ice yet) this is our first winter here so I am waiting to see how true that one is LOL
Now I will pass this on to Darlene, Jocelyn,Jenn Matt, and Petula !


jenn said...

I did it! Kinda :o)!

Petula Wright said...

Oh my goodness... I have no idea what I'm gonna say. I don't love or hate the groundhog. Hmmm, this should be interesting! :)