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Friday, February 8, 2008


I know winter is still here and the snow continues to fall but I can't help thinking ahead to the summer months. One of the biggest things we look forward to as a family is spending it together on our family vacation at the beach. This is when we spend 2 full weeks camping and many full days on the beach. What could we do differently this year to make our stay at the beach more interesting and adventurous? I know I have mentioned getting the kids to try water skiing but I think it would also be fun to get out there and cruise in style on the beach with a beach cruiser! At first my oldest son laughed at me and thought I was a bit crazy until I showed him the chopper beach cruisers, now he thinks he wants one. It's funy how quick they can change their minds when they see something they like. offers many different styles of cruisers and I think that multi speed would be a better choice over the single speed cruisers. They have cruisers for women, men and children along with many accessories and parts. This website has a great selection of cruisers and will be adding more to their selections and I think thechopper beach cruisers will be a great seller!

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