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Friday, February 8, 2008


I find getting a home exciting but the process of getting a mortgage is very overwhelming for me so I leave that part up to my husband to deal with. There is so much information on mortgages to follow and understand and that is just the beginning. There are first time buyer mortgages, commercial mortgages and bad credit mortgages to just name a few. So now I'm hearing talk from my parents about getting a Remortgage...a what, remortgage on their home? What's up with that? I told you I get confused with this stuff. So I am happy to say that I learned a bit more about the mortgage business and apparently this is a change in the terms or lender of a current mortgage. Ok so what's up? Home improvements! Remortgaging can also be a way of raising immediate cash for home imporvement projects so that is the route my parents are taking. I might not be a pro with banking an mortgages but I'm learning a bit more everyday and feeling less intimidated when the subject comes up.

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