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Friday, February 22, 2008


What a great way to start off a day. We just got the phone call to tell us that the financing for new windows has gone through. Now we have to sit down and figure out which windows we need replaced first and make the arrangement with the company to get the work done. From what I understand we are looking at around 5-6 weeks until it can be done but it's still cold outside so why hurry. They will have to rip out the old garage door which will leave the house open to the cold and I have had enough of the cold this winter. So that is my exciting news for the day and now I can start thinking about renovating once again.(the picture is just an idea of what the window should look like in the family room. Maybe a little bit shorter in heigth...)


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Carrie, The new windows look AWESOME!!! What a beautiful home you are making. :D

The sun has taken over the sky. Spring must be nigh. :D

Hugs JJ

Utah Mommy said...

Wow you got nice place Carrie, i am looking forward to see the done project soon. By the way i got you tagged! Here's the link MY LIFE RATE

jenn said...

I'm happy for you! I know you'll be happy once all the improvements are complete.

Carrie Smith said...

Deciding on which windows to get done and what look we want for the new ones is driving me crazy.

Mattyboy said...

It will be great to have the family room finally completed, it seems like it has been on going forever. I believe the final touch will be carpet. That room is going to be so great when it's done we'll want to move into it...sorry kids.