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Sunday, February 24, 2008



OK so this isn't as much as an issue for me because I live away from my family but I know what my sister is going through. When we grew up there was only my dad and his sister on his side with my parents having 5 children and my aunt having 2 and all girls. We were always treated different but not individually but as a group it was them and us. It didn't really bother me growing up being an easy going person that I was but we all felt the difference. Nothing ever got said and things continued. The worst thing is that now we are sitting back watching this happen to our children but this time it's all the 8 grand kids verses one grandchild. My mother seems to treat her like a princess and everyone else comes second. This is not fair to the rest of the children and it doesn't matter what is said to my mother she gets all defensive and won't listen.

I'm not around to deal with these issues but I am here to listen when my sister calls upset about how her girls are being treated. She phoned me at the first of last week all excited that her girls were finally having their first sleep over together at Nana's on the weekend so she made plans and come Friday night she dropped them off only to find out that the little princess was there so she questioned their arrangements for the night and my sister was told that princess was being picked up and going home for the night so she felt comfortable leaving the girls there for the night. Come to find out when my parents dropped the girls off home this morning guess who was with them.....yep the princess! She ended up spending the night but as I recall a few weeks back when my sisters baby was sick and she needed some help with the kids now that she is on her own my mom would only take the oldest one because it was the princesses night to sleep over ( she is there ALL the time ) and my mom can`t handle the two 3 year old why could she do it last night...hmmmm Anyway I guess I understand her frustration with all this and I am so thankful that I don`t have to deal with all this but it is so hard to hear what is happening with my nieces.

Can anyone relate to this and how did or do you deal with me all kids are their own person and deserve to be treated equal without fighting for their grandparents attention. I tried to talk to my mom about this on MANY occasions but she gets all defensive and won`t see it as we do. I know that my other sister has bi polar disorder and can be set off easily so is my mom tip toeing around her to keep her happy so that she doesn`t go into one of her rampages, I don`t know I can`t figure it out.

I spoke to my mom on the phone about this earlier and got no where so I will see what it is like when we visit during the March Break. Could be interesting!
Sorry about the long post but I`ve been told before that I don`t rant nearly enough so here it is...and boy does it feel good to get it out and keep in mind this is just the super short version of the story imagine if I told it all.

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jenn said...

I think long posts are good sometimes, or often!

Anyway, my mom is always closest to the youngest grandchild, and it changes every time one of us has a baby. Since I'm done, it is hard watching her be closer to my sister, but she never shows favorites when the kids are together. I don't know what advice I can offer, other than having your sister tell her exactly how she feels. It might help.