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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I am just a few days away from going on to my second month with PPP and I am happy to say that I'm sticking with it, although I have my days that I get really frustrated with having no opps but today seems to be going pretty good. Now if I could only get my page rank to go up. I don't know what else I can do to help this along? I'm already spending hours on the computer with blog catalogue, visiting other blogs and building a community of friends. Maybe patience is all I need. LOL If anyone out there has any tips to offer me It would be much appreciated!


texas_sweetie said...

Hi Carrie,congrats on ur 2 months on PPP.I feel the same way too when I get zero from there hehe. blog hopping can really help ur alexa but getting a PR on google is just so hard whoaa..

by the way,here is the answer to the tag that u have given me.. just check it out here

Carrie Smith said...

Thanks!and I will check out your answers.

Happy posting!

Petula Wright said...

Hi Carrie! I was reviewing your old posts ... just trying to make sure I haven't missed too much. I know I'm supposed to be doing the crazy 8 meme, is there anything else I've missed?

Petula Wright said...

Oh, sorry, I wanted to comment on this post as well. If you learn of any PPP tricks to make it even more profitable please let me know. I know one thing I need is a faster computer. This thing often slows down so much that it takes an hour to do the smallest thing! It's so frustrating.,

Anna said...

I wish I understood Page Rank and all that stuff, but it seems to have no rhyme or reason that I can see.

I think that building a community of friends and developing readership for your blog will eventually pay off. It does seem to take a lot of time, doesn't it?