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Friday, October 5, 2007


For those of you living here in Canada, you know that we are heading into our Thanksgiving Day weekend and I tell you my children's school did an awesome job celebrating it today, with turkey burgers supplied to all students and us parents supplied the juice, veggies and fruit. My son's primary (kindergarten) teacher went over and above. I was amazed with the planning she had put into this day. She used the school art room and set up tables with table cloths, center pieces, thanksgiving plates and napkins and she purchased milk for all her students to go with their lunch. She talked about proper table manners and encouraged the students to try something new even if they didn't think they liked it. You would be surprised at how many kids were surprised that they actually liked some of the foods that they hesitantly tried. I am so thankful for my sons teacher for taking that extra step for her students. And to hear comments from her students saying that this is the best thanksgiving dinner they have ever had just showed how much they appreciate their teacher. All the children were dressed up as pilgrims and those who didn't have a costume, she had one there for them. No one was left out. What a great afternoon!

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