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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bad dog!

I believe my dog had a fit because I left her home alone most of the day. All was fine when I left her in the morning and when I came back at lunch she was very happy to see me but when I went to get the kids from school and came home she began the trouble. The garbage can was tipped over and there was garbage all over the kitchen and dining room. Than I heard Kohl crying, he was very upset and I don't blame him, Breigh went up and chewed a hole right in the middle of his comforter. Later on I found a "P" spot on the floor, which she hasn't done in months. She was a complete and utter trouble maker tonight, tempermental teenagers.

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jenn said...

Poor Kohl. That right there is why dogs are not on my list of favorite things. They fool you with the cute face, and then BAM...they're chewing holes in comforters! lol! She is adorable...I'm sure you didn't stay angry long. Who could?