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Thursday, January 15, 2009


With me working evenings around Matt's schedule, it doesn't leave us much time together as a family, usually the kids are either with myself or their dad which to me is better than leaving them with a sitter. Anyway our schedules have worked out and we are both off tomorrow (day and night) so we are going to have a fun filled afternoon and evening with the kids! Once they are set free from school at 2pm we will head out and do some shopping, ok now that probably doesn't sound like much fun for the kids but we will make up for it after with supper at Boston pizza then run over to the movie theatre to see Hotel for Dogs! The kids are exited for our family night!!!!!! Jay's school is having a dance Friday as well but he won't allow us to change our plans, he wants us to have this family night and says that he will go to the next one. It's nice to hear that he will still put our family nights first, he's a great kid and growing up so fast!

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