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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finding new Music

Now that I have my own vehical to drive to work and things and find myself not driving the family mobile with DVD all the time I realized that I'm out of touch with the current state of music today. Really the last few years if it wasn't Barney or Mini Pops I didn't hear it. Now being out of touch I decided to search the internet to find some information on what is the coolest music around. I was able to find sites that were designed specifically for people just like me to go and give music reviews of all the latest songs and give their opinions on what was hot or not. This was a great tool for me to get some ideas of what songs were out there for me to take a listen to for my Truck CD. Discovering catchy songs from Alesha Dixon and David Archuleta was fun and to see what others thought of the songs was great information for me. Checking out the Pop Music Reviews I also found some fun songs for my Daughter who is getting into the grown up music stage. She loves to go on and find song titles and than go to listen to the song or watch the video on youtube. This particular review site is also about building community where you can find new friends with similar like in music to you and build your personal profile to help you find these people. There are all kinds of community sites out there and many of them are completely free to use, so click on and start voicing your opinion.

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Carrie said...

I have to admit I'm completely out of touch with music (outside of country) as well. My husband and I caught part of the MTV Music Awards last year, and I didn't know who 2/3rds of the acts were!