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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A new E-xperience

I have been searching for something different than the standard ecard to send to my freinds and family. You can only send so many of the standard ecards before it gets old and boring. I recently discovered a new alternative that uses multimedia to give a whole new experience. Using the Cardfish Phone call you can send your friend or family memeber a unique message that uses their picture and when they open the file on their computer Cardfish will actually call your friends phone number to complete the video message adding a bunch of fun to the regular ecard. If you would like to see how much fun you could have check out the free previews of the various cards offered. To even enhance this even more you can use a free sample card to send to friends or families. Right now they have set up a FREE discount code for people to try the service for yourself. Simply enter word FREE as the coupon code when prompted to enjoy your free card. Take the time and try out the service and enjoy the free previews, you can enter a lot of fun or use the service to scare the crap out of your friends but be prepared what you start you have to be ready to take in return.

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