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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I know I still have a few months to plan my daughters 9th birthday party but in my opinion there is nothing wrong with planning ahead. This year she would like it to be special and since we probably won't be travelling home to be with family around her birthday I thought it would be nice to do something with all of her friends. Where to start? I have so many different ideas running through my head right now but what would she like. One of the ideas I have come up with is a theme party around her upcoming trip to New York with her dance school. She is so excited about this trip and is always asking questions about what she will see when she is there. Another idea would be the thought of a huge sleep over focusing on the glamour of the girls with makeup, dress up and maybe even karaoke with one of their favorite singers Hannah Montana. Thank goodness I have lots of time to prepare for her party. Before we know it she will be turning 16 and that is another party that we will go all out for! Another birthday I really want to go big on but fortunately I still a few years to prepare for this one, that is my husbands' 40th birthday party! I want this to be a birthday that he will never forget so I will be looking for some great 40th birthday party ideas in the upcoming future.

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jenn said...

I only have 3 years until I'm 40....