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Thursday, January 15, 2009


One of our New Year's revolutions this year is to get some of our renovation projects finished. Our main goal is our kitchen but right now we have decided to focus on our main floor bathroom. Unfortunately it only has a shower with no tub and could really use some storage space. So we will be starting to look into different styles of tubs and a bathroom vanity to find the one that will best suite this bathroom. Finding the right vanity sounds a lot easier than it is with so many different styles and prices to choose from. My ideal choice for our bathroom is a double vanity
and I have came across quite a few that I just loved but with the small space it isn't possible to go with one that size and it is a bit out of our price range so I think we will focus more on looking into discount bathroom vanities that will fit our budget better. There is still a lot to consider and we aren't going to start the bathroom renovation until the spring so that gives us lots of time to shop around to find just the right look for us. I can't wait to have a full size functioning bathroom again, you sure appreciate that when you don't have it anymore.

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