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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Excited for a day off

After working 9 days straight I am excited to have a day off tommorrow, I am waiting for the weather as I hear we are expecting a storm which might mean I get to have all the kids home with me tomorrow. They might be disapointed as tommorrow is a New Years lunch at school which they are excited about and tommorrow night is Trinity's Dance Troupes Christmas party which was cancelled before Christmas because of you guessed it a storm. I am really looking forward to having a day off and even more so on Friday I am off again and Hubby changed his day off so he could spend it with me(He must miss me :0>) I'm sure we will end up getting some more trim wood for our bedroom and then the plans are to take the kids out to "Dog Hotel" for Jay and Matt's "special Day", celebrating the day when Matt adopted Jay. It sounds like a full day, I look forward to all the activity and also getting to sleep before 2AM, or maybe not!

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jenn said...

I love that Jay and Matt have a special day. That is awesome!

Enjoy your time off. Hopefully you won't get too bad of a storm.