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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This morning we woke to SNOW and quite a bit of it, so needless to say that the kids had the day off from school! :0) It wasn't long after they got up, everyone was getting ready to go out to help their dad shovel the driveway, it worked out great because hubby didn't have to be to work until noon. By the time they started to shovel the snow had turned to rain and it was falling pretty heavy but that didn't stop them. They stayed outside and had lots of fun. After the driveway was shovelled hubby took them to the back yard to work on their snow fort that we have been working on (yes I've been getting out with the kids LOL). The snow was perfect for packing in around the walls. Once the kids, hubby and dog were soaked right through their coats it was time to come in to dry off and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate with lots of gooey marshmallows! :0)
Later, this afternoon as the weather got nicer and the rain had pretty much stopped, I got ready and took the kids back out to work on their fort once again. Fortunately the rain didn't damage it too bad and we got things fixed right up just in time for the cold temperatures to hit along with the winds. We are hoping that by tomorrow morning the walls of the fort will be good and strong!

Trinity's dance class tonight got cancelled so it is going to be a quiet night here, hopefully next week they will be able to have their dance Christmas party that was also cancelled before Christmas. Well I guess that is all the excitement for today, the winds are really getting strong outside so I should go check things out!


Anna said...

I love that snow fort! What a great winter use for the trampoline.

My kids are home from school tomorrow and probably Friday because of the cold.

Anonymous said...

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