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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Super Bowl Watch

My hubby is getting into the Football mode, I have come to expect him to get into this mode usually this time of year when the NFL playoffs get going and of course not far down the road will be his second favorite sport, Nascar and the Daytona 500. He is constantly on the computer looking for the latest updates, news and videos to get caught up on all the action he is missing while he's at work. It's kind of nice that I work most nights now so I don't have to watch him flip through all the information on He's working himself this weekend which has him in a fury as he will miss all the games on Sunday but at least he knows he will get to watch high-lights and get the scores. He's really hoping the Baltimore Ravens will make the cut and was very excited to watch them score the victory last week 13-10 over Tennessee. My Hubby is so into his comcast that he has been driving me crazy with all this NFL playoff trivia, the scary thing is the more he talks about it the more interested I am getting. I may even have to break down this year and watch the Super Bowl with him, that would shock him for sure.

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